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Diane Weisman - Kicking Cancer

Kick Cancer in the Can with Diane

“Kick Cancer in the Can with Diane” is a new Web series that follows a typical working wife and mother as she’s hit with a sudden existential dilemma: a diagnosis of breast cancer. A remarkably upbeat actress and Hollywood dresser to the stars, Diane Weisman bravely shares her hopes, fears and bewilderment about the dizzying array of cancer information now available through the Internet. What is real, what’s a hoax? Must Western medicine and Eastern alternative therapies conflict? Diane, her husband Craig and two boys learn about water quality, the effect of sugar on tumors, special diets such as macrobiotic eating, yoga and other relaxation techniques, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. From left field healing by a gaze from “BRACO” to family support groups such as “weSpark”.

It’s a lot to expect anyone to learn, let alone someone facing such a huge turning point in her life. Diane Weisman wants others to know that they’re not alone. Along with special celebrity guest stars and cooking segments, “Kick Cancer in the Can with Diane” is compelling, informative and entertaining. Follow Diane in real time as she faces an arduous journey in her quest for answers, addressing not just questions about cancer, but about how to live a life worth living.

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For more information on this series, email Craig or Diane Weisman.

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